Today is your life

In a recent conversation with a friend we were discussing life and all of it's guesswork and he used the phrase "Today is your life". Since then, I have been pondering this aphorism and have warmed to its truth.

Having the time to pursue interests and hobbies while holding down a job, caring for children, tidying the house and spending time with friends and family is difficult. It's easy to prioritise others at the expense of your own passions, and time can pass without even noticing it.

I've always been aware of my own personal development and have challenged myself to face fears and push on when my instincts have been to procrastinate or put off facing up to hard truths.

Now more than ever, I feel the need for self reflection and "Today is your life" reminds me that now is the time to do things, not tomorrow or next week or when this or that are in place. By the time everything is "perfect" life will have passed and the moment will be lost.

So from now on, I'm not going to wait until everything is "perfect" or "just so" I'm going to do it now, and find out what I can learn from doing it.

Tags: Life Thoughts